For a restaurant business to succeed, you need to make your customers feel welcome and comfortable. Hence, business owners come up with a theme for their restaurant wherein the menu and interior design will revolve around. The theme and ambiance are some of the basic considerations during the restaurant business start-up. Your choice of theme will be reflected both on the menu and interior design to make your restaurant more recognizable. One thing that is often neglected but is something that you cannot afford to dismiss aside is knowing how to properly set restaurant tables.

Once you have purchased your furniture, you can move on to setting restaurant tables and chairs. You need to consider two factors when setting your restaurant furniture: your clientele base and the type of furniture. Just to be safe, you must settle for the general rules of table setting to facilitate in the symmetry and organization within your dining establishment.

You need to start by placing your charger at the center for setting your restaurant tables. It has to be within 2 inches from the edge of the table. You can then place the napkin right on the charger. Onto the utensils, the forks must be placed on the left side with the dinner fork closest to the dining plate. Line up the forks from smallest to largest as it will also determine the order in which they will be used during mealtime. As for the knife blade, it must be placed on the right-hand side for easy access when cutting through meat. Use the same pattern as you did with the fork when setting them on the table.

The water glass must be positioned above the dinner knife, which should be on the right side of the plate. The wine glass must be placed further right to the side of the water glass. Again, use the same principles for table setting wherein they are positioned according to the order of use. The dessert plate, coffee cup, and saucer are served at the end of each meal instead of being readily set on the table. Properly setting your restaurant tables is important to make the dining experience better for your customers. If you can impress by taking into account these small details, then you could potentially develop a loyal customer base.